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What I Think of Mike Dillard’s Methods

Your ability to succeed with any business that you do, whether online or off-line, depends upon three factors. You must have a game plan that you can follow, walking in the path of those that have succeeded, that can show you exactly what needs to be done. You need to have capital that you can use in order to not only build your website and your business, but purchase the traffic that you need to build a list. The final piece of the puzzle is to have a mentor that will be able to help you every step of the way, and this can be found with a person called Mike Dillard. In this article, we will present a review of this entrepreneur that has come a long way in the last decade, helping many people become millionaires through his ideas and tutorials. Let’s take a look at what he has to offer, and how you can follow in the footsteps of those that have also succeeded, all of which will be presented in this Mike Dillard review.

Who is Mike Dillard

Mike Dillard went from being an Internet marketer to someone that was able to create a program designed to help others build their businesses. You must realize that people needed more than

Mike Dillard

                    Mike Dillard

knowledge which you can gather from a multitude of Internet courses and e-books. You need to have actual tutorials and  personal guidance along the way. What holds most people back is listening to friends or family members that will tell them that they should stick with their job, not have their dreams up in front of them  as they will never come true. He breaks down the barriers of self-doubt, allowing you to become more self-assured as you take advice from him as he helps you  build our business from the ground up.

The Elevation Group

One of Mike’s greatest accomplishments is the Elevation Group, voted as the outstanding company of the year by the Make-A-Wish foundation. It is a business that is designed  to contribute to the lives of children. This is not the only company that he has created. He also works with people that are interested in creating their own business. By joining his LFP group, you can get access to his information on how to build a successful business in any niche. With almost a half 1 million subscribers, Mike posts regularly, offering advice on how to start businesses, refine them, and also how to drive more traffic. In this up-and-coming year, 2015, he is going to focus on his LFP members, a closed group of individuals, some of which have become millionaires.

Overview Of The LFP Program

LFP stands  for Live Free and Prosper, a group that was actually inspired by some local friends that he had. They needed a way to begin thinking about their business, how to start it, and you would provide them with the counseling that they would need in order to leave their regular jobs and become self-employed. One of the members Bree was able to stop working as a personal trainer, and is now making $30,000 per month in the fitness niche. Another member Curt went from his regular job to becoming one of the largest social media agencies in Austin Texas. The one thing that seems to make the difference with anyone that has a good idea is the type of help that they can get along the way. By talking to Mike for as little as 10 minutes a day, they would be able to follow his directions, achieve positive results, allowing them to move forward toward success with their off-line or online business efforts.

What Is Included With LFP?

As a member of LFP you are able to participate in a closed Google+ group where every week you will have the opportunity to ask Mike questions about your business. There will also be videos that are uploaded, and you will also critique websites and screen captures that you make in order to help you improve your business, advertisements, or conversion rates. He has also helped his numbers create business models that involve shopping carts, upsell pages, and even sales videos. Students that have left feedback, especially those that come consistently week after week, are able to also take advantage of the documentation, some of which includes the following.

Valuable raining Documents Included

One of the first and most valuable documents includes one that will show you how to create a seven-figure business idea in less than 10 minutes. If you have read headlines like this before, it seems to be full of fluff, but it is the exact process that he has used, and his students have used, to leave their day jobs behind. The next document will show you how to choose an elegant business model, one that is not only profitable but fast and easy to set up. To help you understand what to do, there is also a case study where he was able to generate almost $420,000 the single affiliate promotion. Most important of all, at least to some people, is the way that Mike is able to generate leads. He is able to create what is called a squeeze page, driving traffic from Google and Facebook were people will opt in at the tuneup 1800 opt in per day. Instead of having to continually pay for PPC traffic which can get very expensive, you are able to email these individuals that have given you permission to email them with information and offers on a regular basis, helping you to earn more money on the backend.

Now that you have read this Mike Dillard review, you should see that he does know what he’s talking about. If you have actual examples of people that have benefited from his training, left their jobs, and some of which have become millionaires, it is clear that what he is teaching actually works. There are hundreds of different products that you can purchase on the web that claim to do similar things. It is only the testimonials of actual people that have succeeded using a program that you should believe, and based upon the information in this Mike Dillard review, it is clear that the LFP group, or anything that Mike offers, may be exactly what you need to take your business to the next level.

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